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News #3 Call of Juarez Beta 1.5 Released
Go and download the new beta today. You need version to play with. You can also find this mod at http://www.moddb.com/mods/oblivion

News #2
Yea, we are back with almost finished version of CoJ1.2.0.0. After putting whole files together I am ready to upload it (beta 1.5) ,but if you want this peace of data we would like to hear some noise from you . This means that we need advertising, hosting and players with this patch. This patch is only a step foward to feel new experience in CoJ ,while waiting for CoJ2 .

News #1
The Mod Team is recruiting all members with mapping, modding, scripting or any other kind of doing experiments in cromed , for new challenge - to mod new CoJ2. So ... If we are in all big group, we can orginaze and share our ideas and help each other ! If you have any experience in this and wanting to join us, please make a post on our forums

contact :
xfire : jahrasta27
msn : jahrastafari@email.si
email : jahrastafari@email.si

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